Recognising excellence in supply chain resilience and business continuity in response to Covid-19.

This category rewards teams who adapted to the Covid-19 crisis to protect their organisations and supply chains by putting plans in place and switching operations/suppliers/routes to market etc. Entries can also include projects where lessons have been learned and more robust business continuity plans have been put in place.

Recognising social, environmental and responsible procurement projects.

This category encompasses social, environmental and responsible procurement projects. These can be either procurement-led or organisation-led initiatives but must evidence the specific procurement or supply chain role in the project’s success. We welcome entries from all aspects of sustainability from modern slavery and human rights, climate change and energy conservation through to community and regeneration projects.

Recognising procurement projects that deliver significant social value outputs.

This category is open to both public and private sector organisations that are using innovative procurement and contracting strategies to deliver social value. In this category we welcome entries that demonstrate positive outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, Maori and Pasifika peoples, ethnic minority groups, people with disability, disadvantaged and remote communities.

Recognising innovative technology projects that deliver significant results.

This category is open to procurement or supply chain teams showcasing successful technology projects that have made significant business impact. Technology providers may also enter case study-led projects where they have worked in partnership with the procurement organisation.

Recognising successful cross-functional teamwork projects.

This category rewards procurement teams who have implemented successful projects, for example a sourcing project or business process improvement initiative, working collaboratively with internal teams or departments.

Recognising excellence in professional procurement capability development.

This category rewards training or development programmes that have substantially raised the capability and influence of the procurement or supply chain team, leading to improved performance, results and business integration.

Recognising public sector procurement excellence.

This category is open to all public sector bodies and rewards projects that demonstrate how procurement has successfully managed public sector specific challenges or opportunities.

Recognising supplier diversity excellence.

This category is for organisations that have implemented successful supplier diversity projects that have unlocked innovation and strategic business results, as well as opening up opportunities for organisations that are diverse in size, ownership or mission.

Recognising successful procurement consultancy projects.

This category is open to both procurement teams and consultancy firms who have delivered strategic business improvement projects. Submissions must be case study-led demonstrating how the consultancy firm delivered procurement excellence.

Recognising procurement process transformation projects.

This category is for transformation or business process improvement projects that have resulted in improved business outcomes or competitive advantage. Projects can be procurement–led or wider organisational projects, but they must explicitly explain procurements’ role and influence on delivering the outcomes.

Recognising excellence in supply chain risk management.

This category rewards teams who have successfully managed business risk in order to safeguard their organisations against cost or reputational damage, or mitigated risk within the business or supply chain to gain competitive advantage.

Recognising high performing procurement teams.

This category rewards procurement teams who have made significant improvements to their performance and culture resulting in increased effectiveness, influence, efficiencies, savings or competitive advantage.

Open to organisations with an annual turnover of AUS $50m and over.


Recognising the most influential up and coming procurement talent.

This award will be presented to the profession’s ‘one to watch’ and is open to MCIPS members or, those studying towards MCIPS, aged 30 or under. The judges will look for evidence of achievement that is significant and beyond what is normally expected from managers of this age and experience.

The entry should be submitted by answering the two questions provided, plus endorsements from a CEO/CFO equivalent. If shortlisted the individual will be asked to conduct a 30-minute telephone interview with the judges during the week commencing 17 May 2021.

Recognising the most influential procurement leaders.

This award recognises the most influential procurement leader who is pushing procurement and supply strategy forward and making a positive contribution to the reputation of the profession, through the value they deliver to their own organisations and the work they do to raise the profile of the profession more widely.

Professionals can enter themselves, or nominate a colleague or peer by submitting a 500-word statement – addressing the criteria set out above – accompanied by up to three pages of supporting documentation such as testimonials from manager/clients/stakeholders, individual accomplishments, etc.  If shortlisted the individual will be asked to conduct a 30-40 minute telephone interview with the judges during the week commencing 17 May 2021. 


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