Helen Lovelock
Chief Procurement Officer, Queensland Corrective Services (QCS)

Having over 20 years’ experience at Executive Level across Local, State and Federal Government together a career as a Commercial Executive and A/Chief Executive outside of Government.

Currently the Chief Procurement Officer at Queensland Corrective Services (QCS) this involves leading a team of highly skilled professionals within Procurement Services & Delivery, Contract Management, Strategy and Category Managers who work closely with other Government Agencies, QCS directorates, State-wide Operations, Specialist Operations and Correctional Centres to provide high level Procurement and Contract Services.

Currently QCS is transitioning procurement to a centre-led model to ensure greater operational effectiveness. A key component to the success will be the process of automation, innovation and aligning to market trends that have provisions of transformation and sourcing strategies whilst implementing long-term strategic improvements into a top tier safety agencies procurement processes.

“ I am looking for innovative applications whilst showing resilience against the global pandemic COVID 19” Sustainability and Social Procurement considerations together with tactical information technologies will be well received”.