Qing liu

Qing Liu

Global Industry Practice Lead, Moody’s AnalyticsQing Liu is the Global Industry Practice Lead for the Public and Professional Services Sector at Moody’s Analytics. As the regional sector leader for Asia Pacific and Middle East, she is responsible for building robust partnerships with government agencies, advisory firms and companies to deliver innovative solutions to the market in the area of procurement, compliance and risk detection. Qing works with government bodies and consultancy firms on designing best practice and finding robust solutions for clients in the procurement space, including working on projects to support complex direct and indirect procurement programs and supplier risk assessment by leveraging cutting-edge data and technology. Qing has been with Moody’s for over 9 years. Prior to joining Moody’s, Qing worked at globally leading consultancy firms, specialising in advising large multinational corporations in the area of financial investment and tax restructuring.