Sharyn County

SpecialityGeneral Manager Procurement Property and Fleet, Jemena and Zinfra Group
General Manager Procurement Property and Fleet, Jemena and Zinfra GroupA career that has spanned more than 20 years in senior commercial roles across the energy, technology, engineering, construction, outsourcing and services industries. In addition to solid leadership skills, Sharyn brings a passion for, and demonstrated ability to deliver transformation and sustainable outcomes across the business, procurement, commercial and contracting lifecycle. Sharyn is driven by making a difference to the procurement, commercial and contact management profession through involvement in mentoring and communities of practice enabling shared learnings and ideas to drive best practices and innovation. She was recently named one of the 2021 Most Inspiring Women in Commerce and Contracting. Motivated to build and maintain strong relationships with suppliers and partners to deliver mutually beneficial outcomes along with a passion for people and creating an environment that fosters and enables success and achievement. Over the last 10 years held several senior leadership positions within the Jemena group, with the most recent being the Enterprise General Manager Procurement, Property and Fleet where responsibility includes managing a centralised procurement, property, supply chain, fleet and plant group delivering across the Jemena and Zinfra group of companies. Prior to this held the role of GM Commercial within EB Services (A Singapore Power Company) where responsibilities included leading all commercial and procurement requirements for the group including the development and implementation of technology sourcing strategies. Sharyn is an active supporter of the commercial and contracting space and is a member of the World Commerce and Contracting (Previously IACCM) Global Advisory Board and has previously held a number of Board positions for not for profit companies.