Risk Management

Tackling Modern Slavery, BINGO Industries

Waste management and recycling operator Bingo Industries embarked upon a comprehensive evaluation in 2019, aimed at securing a sector-leading position in its drive to eliminate the risks of modern slavery from its operations and extended supply chain.

Since Bingo not only needed to produce a fully compliant modern slavery statement in line with Australian legislation of 2018, but also wanted take a zero-tolerance approach towards inaction on modern slavery, its project scope included a 12-month external spend review, procurement documentation and policy assessment, development of relevant training and conducting on-site field assessments of key international suppliers in China and Vietnam.

The company sought out external support from Precision Solutions Group and Infosys Portland to accelerate its response and provide specialist surveillance capabilities. Project teams recognised that while technology can deliver early quick guidance on where greatest risks resides, there can be no substitute for physically inspecting a supplier’s location.

By working to increase awareness across the business and developing appropriate strategies and plans, Bingo is hopeful that clients and sector peers will follow its lead. They are also optimistic about the positive client and investment opportunities that could be gained from taking a socially responsible approach to a global challenge