Best Collaborative Teamwork Project

Coles Non-Trade Source to Pay Transformation, Coles Group

After discovering that significant gaps and outdated source-to-pay technology was failing to support its diverse organisation, Coles Group’s procurement team was tasked with finding a solution that would benefit all facets of the business. Partnering with its supermarket, liquor, express, operations, supply chain, marketing and technology businesses and its suppliers, Coles was able to initiate the largest back-of-house transformation this century. The task was formidable, involving the transformation of almost every touchpoint across the end-to-end source-to-pay processes for a non-trade spend of over $3 billion with 3,000+ suppliers and approximately 1,500 users.

Unsurprisingly this was no easy feat for the team. The new system has to effectively and efficiently perform sourcing, contracting, supplier registration, buying, invoicing, payment, third party risk identification, due diligence and spend analysis.

Transforming the ways of working for thousands of suppliers and team members was complex and demanding, necessitating various tools and techniques to understand specific requirements and bring stakeholders on the journey. The transformation has had a profound impact on roles, ways of working and operating models. The long-term success of the project will rely on continually improving the user experience and creating a strong foundation for future innovation.