Best Example of Supply Chain Resilience in a Crisis

Coles Group COVID-19 Response (non-Trade), Coles Group

When Covid-19 hit, stockpiling groceries quickly became a worldwide obsession. Supermarket shelves were stripped bare, leaving vulnerable community members unable to obtain basic necessities. As a result, Coles Group’s supply chain team had to act quickly to ramp up capacity, working with suppliers to prioritise the most in-demand items. However, with customers continuing to buy more than they needed, it became apparent that getting more stock on the shelves was only half the answer.

As an essential service business, Coles Group’s non-trade procurement team had to work with suppliers and internal stakeholders to keep 3,000+ stores and distribution centres open, stocked and safe. It also supported the wider community, particularly the vulnerable, all while transitioning to remote working and keeping team member health at the fore. 

The company recognised early on that it needed to stay the course in any given crisis and be a force for good, leading the way with purpose, responsibility, excellence, confidence, and humility.

Armed with Covid-19 learnings Coles Group’s CI Taskforce will now be implementing improvements to light and tactical sourcing, supplier discovery, qualification and registration, and “n bids and buy” in Ariba to help teams and stakeholders manage future challenges with ease.