Most Improved Procurement Process

ProcureRight Framework Development and Introduction, Macquarie University

After identifying inconsistencies in how its organisation understood procurement as a function, Macquarie University recognised that its control frameworks needed an overhaul in order to support a more centralised structure. 

Based on three fundamental principles – trust, empowerment and accountability – the ProcureRight framework was designed to improve process governance and probity, achieve uniformity in approach to corporate and social responsibility, ensure adherence to legislation, and minimise financial and reputational risks. 

The challenges of this project were not just of a technical nature. A carefully planned approach was necessary due to the complexity and breadth of the university operating environment, and a predicted resistance to change. 

One of the stated fundamental principles of the ProcureRight framework is: “Everything should be as simple as possible, but not simpler”. As such, the framework itself provides interactive guidance through the end-to-end procurement processes, an interactive process map and a simple two-page procurement policy. 

The three stated objectives of improving the procurement process governance, operational effectiveness and efficiency, and value for money were successfully achieved. These objectives will remain fundamental to the project’s success and will be supplemented with new ones as the university moves from the emergence stage to consolidation.